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Rockers And Other Animals® Records focuses on transparency.
Rockers And Other Animals® Records will not or transfer any musical rights to third parties but the rights themselves will remain the exclusive property of the musicians.
The musicians will always have Valeria Campagnale as their point of reference, who will take care of all the promotion, both for interviews, reviews and radio passages.

None of the bands will be left on their own and we will work together and concentrate our work on marketing planning.


The CDs will be printed and distributed directly from England.


A link shared with the band will be used to update the band, with interviews, news and radio reviews








Valeria manages also Rockers And Other Animals Press Office And Promotional Agency


Rockers And Other Animals Press Office And Promotional Agency Services include:

* Creation of a  plan indicating how your album or single will be promoted.  


*Creation and distribution of press releases on your band or label promotion in English and Italian.    


* Creation of an EPK with music, biography, artwork, photos and contacts.


* Editing press releases (news and activities of your band)  


* Both press releases and EPK's will be distributed to best web-zines and magazines.  


* EPK's will be distributed to the best  indipendent radios.   


* Invitation to interview your band


The contract will last one year, renewable, in which the band will be followed for each release during this period.




Valeria Campagnale, is grew up with a predisposition for a music genre tending towards harder rock, growing up between punk, dark, and metal.
Graduated in art, remaining in the artistic field, she prefers to follow the musical world, starting to collaborate with foreign music publications, including the American My Global Mind, and some Italian ones such as Metal Wave and Insane Voices Labirynth.

Writing articles, reviews, live reports and interviews she had the opportunity to get in touch with famous rock musicians such as Chris Holmes (ex WASP), Chip Z'Nuff (ex Enuff'Z'Nuff) and Italian rocker Pino Scotto, with whom a deep friendship was born in 1991.
Her interest and involvement led Valeria to create her own webzine Rockers And Other Animals Magazine and later to take the reins and ownership of Insane Voices Labirynth.


In June 2019, after receiving the promo of the latest album "The Court Of The Insane", by the legendary British band Sacrilege, from the German record label Pure Steel Records, she met founding member Bill Beadle.
Mr.Beadle, after reading her review and receiving the questions for the interview, favourably impressed by the personal interest of Valeria, a fan of the band since 1982, proposes her to take care of the band's management and press office.
Currently following with interest the artistic work of the band, she is organizing and produced the video for "The Court Of The Insane" and "In Hell 2020".

The natural consequence has been to create
Rockers And Other Animals Records Independent Heavy Metal Label and the Rockers And Other Animals Press Office And Promotional Agency to keep in touch with the musical world and help musicians themselves.

New Service

The new service in Rockers And Other Animals Records is the personalised Editing & Video Script.




"In Hell 2020"



Official Address

Rockers And Other Animals® Records

Via Resegone 137
22080 Tavernerio, Como

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