Rockers And Other Animals® Records Independent Heavy Metal Label - All Right Reserved 2020
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Rockers And Other Animals® Records Independent Heavy Metal Label


Submit Your Music!

Rockers And Other Animals® Records is available to listen to new music and bands to sign and to release worldwide.
You are welcome to submit the demo of your band, or a band you represent. Please follow the instructions below.
Respect first of all: All bands will receive a response to their demos whether we are interested or not. 
Suggestions and Requirements:

Firts of all keep in mind this's a Heavy Metal label, if your music fits with this genre drop us a line to this email address:

Include in the submission the following info:
- Name of the band

- Biography inclusive of physical address and email
- Pictures
- Your social media links

- Link to music to download or stream. Please DON'T send a WeTransfer link

Please note: we take the time to listen each music sent and we used to reply to all the bands that submitted music to Rockers And Other Animals® Records.



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